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Furthermore it supports Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding which notepad doesn’t support. The name ‘Hex’ comes from hexadecimal which is a numerical format for representing binary data. A Hex Editor is a program which lets you analyze, view and edit the hexadecimal coded files. This can be also used for editing the game saved state file and changing the changeable feature in the game. There are many Hex Editor Software out there but you can use this in Notepad++ too by using the plugin for it.

I am here to guide you about your tech-related issues. My expertise revolves around Linux, Databases & Programming. XML might sound old days, but still used nowadays, and can be much noisier than JSON, so I use XML Treview to navigate in the XML file structure. The first thing I do when I install software on my computer, I change the theme to dark. However, for those who do, chances are you’ve tried everything under the sun but still cannot find a way to gain access to the data inside the file.

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Its primary aim is to enable remote access to files and folders through the FTP protocol. It’s like the Explorer plugin available for Notepad++, but… Two of the things we like about a7 JsonViewer are Tree and Text View options. When folks use Tree view, they are basically looking at JSON files from a tree structure view. In terms of text, they’ll be looking at the files in text form.

  • This small piece of software has big features, such as allowing you to view code with colour styling and line numbers to make the code easier to read and debug.
  • On the Available tab, search for the Compare plugin on the available search box and check once it found.
  • From what I could tell, something about this syntax seemed to cause Python to think that the filename was actually the JSON that I wanted to pretty print.

Only a setup installer is available but you can make the program portable with the help of Universal Extractor. To do this, type the text you want to find in the “Find What” field and the text you want to replace it with in the “Replace With” field. Click “Replace All” and notepad++ will delete all of the duplicate instances of the text you specified. This will find all of the blank lines in your document and replace them with a single space. Not a regex solution, but if you reverse the list —for example, by means of the Reverse Lines plugin— and run the nice regex you provided, you will get the first “bbb” with all duplicates being deleted.

Notepad++: How to Display Documents Side by Side

Notepad++ creates an folder called HTML Tag with includes the dll file. You wouldn’t get this message if trying my suggestion of manually copying the file into the appropriate place, so I can’t tell if you are actually trying that or not. Proper folder structure would be …\plugins\XXX\XXX.dll for a plugin named XXX. We tried this on three test computers, running Ubuntu, Manjaro, and Fedora. On each one it took at least 13 minutes to install the snap.

The mechanism of associating a URI with a final result tree has been chosen to allow the integrity of such links to be preserved when the trees are serialized. The base URI of thefinal result tree is not necessarily the same thing as the URI of its serialized representation on disk, if any. For example, a server might store final result trees only in memory, or in an internal disk cache. As long as the processor satisfies requests for those URIs, it is irrelevant where they are actually written on disk, if at all.